The Book Of Mazes

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The Book Of Mazes is a first person “walker” style game in which you must successfully navigate mazes of increasing size and complexity.

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With a relaxed pace, this game has been crafted to appeal to a wide age range and is suitable for practically anyone, having no combat, violence or frightening content.

A great companion to your favourite music, podcast or audiobook! Immerse yourself and walk your way through hundreds of mazes. The first mazes are deceptively simple, but things will get harder as you delve deeper into the Book Of Mazes.


  • Single player
  • Casual, relaxed play style
  • Swipe/Tap controlled
  • Maze/Puzzle
  • Suitable Audiobook / Podcast companion

Parental notes

  • No combat, violence, dialogue
  • No multiplayer, online interactions or chat
  • No frightening imagery or events
  • Mild fantasy concepts (magic)
  • List Item

Available for

  • iOS (iPad / iPhone0
  • more platforms to be announced


  • Any

In-App Purchases

  • Yes (not a requirement to play successfully)