Sleepy Kids Bedtime

Made by our family for your family!

Sleepy Kids Bedtime is an app that offers a selection of original relaxation bedtime stories that are designed to help children relax and fall asleep.

When a child is anxious, over stimulated, or just “not tired” bed time can be difficult and drawn out. This app is designed to help establish a calm, relaxed feeling that helps a child feel ready to sleep.

The app includes one recording with others optionally available via In-App purchase. Each recording is at least 30 minutes long and includes: relaxing, ambient music; a simple guided relaxation; a quiet, calm, happy story; finish with instrumental music to drift off to sleep to.

“We made this app to help any parent whose child is having trouble falling asleep. While there are many similar apps available we found many were overly stimulating and kept our own child too engaged.”

“With this in mind we sought to present a soft, calm and caring recording set to soft relaxing music that will help children find a quiet state ready to drift off to sleep filled with pleasant dreams. We hope it helps your family to establish a sleepy kid’s bedtime.”

– Sarah & Wil

App Details

  • Relaxation dialogue
  • Calming music
  • Simple, imaginative bedtime stories for younger kids
  • Additional recordings available via In-App Purchase

Parental notes

  • Carefully selected themes
  • Intentionally slow paced
  • No frightening content
  • Avoids common anxiety triggers
  • Written by a parent with other parents in mind

Available for

  • iOS (iPad / iPhone0
  • more platforms to be announced


  • Any
  • Suits primary school aged children

In-App Purchases

  • Yes (for each additional recording)